We assist individuals who have assets that they are unable to sell on a cash basis, the majority of our clients owe more on the asset than what it can be sold for or for some reason want or need to get out from under the financial burden of carrying the asset. WE ALSO ASSIST SELLERS WITH CLEAR TITLED ASSETS BY TURNING THEM INTO INTEREST PRODUCING ASSETS. Please email for more information on clear titled assets, please include description and asking price.

Our principals pioneered the creative financing of assets in an era of economic crisis 20+ years ago. We make no false promises, and are the first to agree that if you can sell your asset on a cash basis, that is by far the best thing to do. If not, we offer a viable alternative. We can arrange for our Buyer to assume your existing financing in the form of a contract and structure it in such a way that you and the asset are protected until such time as the asset can be paid off or refinanced.

We have buyers who have been turned down for financing on new cars, boats and RV's. We go through hundreds of referrals seeking candidates that have substantial income and cash flow. We take an application and do whatever background investigation necessary, go over this information with you and it is you, not us who approves the Buyer. After you approve the Buyer, we arrange and verify full coverage insurance with you list as additional interest on the Buyers Insurance. By law, the insurance companies have to notify you if there is a problem with the insurance, you can make a claim on the policy and you are protected by the liability aspects of the policy. The Buyer agrees to maintain the asset in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, do all the preventative maintenance, and agrees to repair or replace any damage. In order to monitor this the asset is inspected at Buyers cost and the party performing the inspections reports to you. Payments are made at least ten days prior to your due date in the form of a direct draft or money order/cashiers check.

We provide a recourse contract to you. Essentially agreeing to assist in any and all difficulties that may arise during the agreement. For a full explanation and copies of the agreements, please click the links below or email


Please email for Other Assets including Planes, Heavy Equipment, Real Estate, Etc.