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Our professional and experienced staff along with our aggressive online, print and on-site marketing campaign will help to sell your boat fast and trouble free. We are committed to providing you, as a boat seller, The Best Possible Opportunity to Sell Your Boat At The Best Possible Price. We combine Good Old Fashioned Salesmanship with Technology, not only in the form of Internet Marketing on 85+ websites, but Lead Management as well. We also offer 25 years of repeat buyers world-wide.

We are NOT a new boat dealer. New Boat Profit Margins are 30% And Dealers Have a Commitment to the Manufacturer and the Bank - Not To You. Our Commitment is to Our Sellers and Buyers Only. We will work with you and for you to help you achieve the second happiest day in your life - the day you sell your boat. We will perform and in-depth market analysis. We will review many boats similar to yours, as well as NADA and BUC values to determine where your boat is in the marketplace. We will take into consideration condition, hours, options, and geographical location. If your boat is consigned at our location, we offer full mechanical inspection and repairs including mechanical, fiberglass, interior and trailer repairs as well as Detailing. Our facility is at 1909 RR 620 N, the major highway running along the South Shore of Lake Travis in Austin, Lake Travis. We have a 70,000 car a day count and are in the center of the major marinas. Thousands of boaters drive past our location everyday. Lake Travis is a 65 mile long lake with a limestone bottom and crystal clear water located in Austin, TX.

We have been exporting boats since 2000 www.usboatexports.com usboatexporter@aol.com . Unlike most brokers we actually traveled to Europe, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Scandinavia, Canada and elsewhere to attend boat shows and meet the boaters. We were surprised to learn that largest boat show in the world was not Fort Lauderdale, it was Da Boot in Dusseldorf Germany. We have established relationships with dealers all over the world. We send links of all new inventory to these dealers. Many of them advertise our inventory (your boat) on their websites. We advertise on Commercial Boat Websites World-Wide, including foreign language sites. We also have part time reps in many countries, many of whom began the relationship by buying boats from us.

We offer Conventional, Sub-Prime, Private and Creative Financing to our Buyers, further increasing the Sales Possibility of Your Boat. We also offer on-site insurance, transport and shipping. Through Our Network of Wholesalers, We have The Ability To Accept Trades For Your Boat, not just other boats, but cars,trucks,equipment,jewelry, motorcycles,ATV's RV's, Real Estate and Other Assets. We Pioneered Creative Financing and Simultaneous Trade Closings.

We Co-Broker 50/50 with 40,000+ Yacht Brokers World-Wide. Our Primary Goal is to Sell Your Boat. If any yacht broker anywhere produces a buyer, we will split the profit with them. We Work on an Over and Above Commission Structure - Not A Percentage. Our Fees are Negotiable - Not Written in Stone Like Other Yacht Brokers - within reason, we will not allow our commission to hinder a sale of your boat.

We Charge a fee for listing/consigning Boats - Most Brokers Do Not. Our goal is not to have the most listings. Our goal is satisfied buyers and sellers. Our facility, is on a million dollar plus piece of property, not rented, but owned. Our proprietary technology, including online lead management data bases, email databases and website scripting programs set us apart from other brokers. We only want to do business with Serious Boat Sellers that see the value in what we do. Listing fees are from $150 to $500 - please call or email for details. (512) 401-7722

Thank You For The Opportunity To Sell Your Boat !