Company Profile

Our Organization began as an Austin, TX based boat and sport car brokerage in 1985 and grew into a yacht brokerage with over 300 boats on site and 200+ off site. Selling only consignments, our commitment has always been to our customers - not a manufacturer or bank. We were the first brokerage firm to recognize a need for creative financing, our company pioneered methods for assisting both buyer and seller to achieve and enjoy the "Happiest Day in Their Lives" when they buy or sell their boat.

In 2003 with the US boat market in the early stages of decline, the company began exporting and at one point in time were exporting over 10 boats a month to Europe and Australia We toured Europe and attended boat shows to fully understand the market. We discovered a common bond between boaters that knew no geographical boundaries or language barriers. It was during this period that We also began trading assets for boats.

Based on the principle of perceived value, we created a trade market and became the first World-Wide Internet Based Trade Consultant Although centered on Yachts and Real Estate, We manage assets of all types including Businesses, Resorts, Planes, RV's, Luxury/Exotic Autos, Equipment, Art and Intangibles.

Our Company has evolved to survive bad economies, growing pains,and problems associated with all businesses. As we enter into a new era, Southwest RV and Marine has positioned itself as the Brokerage and Asset Management Company of the Future, but will always maintain its core philosophy of commitment to our clients.

If you have an interest in becoming a yacht broker, trade consultant, or regional rep and feel you have drive, commitment, creativity and the ability to perform for our clients contact