In 2003 with the US boat market in the early stages of decline, we began attending boat shows in other countries. We discovered a common bond between boaters that knew no geographical boundaries or language barriers. We have learned that things are done differently in other countries - we do not export according to our culture, we export according to yours. There has to be more trust in exporting than in any other business, we want to earn your trust.

We are capable of providing both exporting and importing services including locating,inspection/survey,lake test/sea trials, transport,shipping, importing and certification. We can video mechanical inspections and sea trials and provide condition reports in great detail. We are strategically located in Texas and can transport to any US port, which allows for faster shipping times.

We are experienced in Container, On Deck, Roll On/Roll Off and Float On shipping. We have imported into eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Middle East, Canada, and South Africa.

If you are interested in receiving more information email Please use your native language if you prefer. Or call one of our multi language Reps:

French - John Hilton 44 7940 427111

German - Greg Konikowaski (001) 512-364-0286

Italian - John Hilton 44 7940 427111

Japanese - Julia Brady (001) 352-591-4708

Polish - Kate Myhan (001) 713-855-0588

Portuguese - Marcello Caesar (001) 214-507-9042

Russian - Julia Brady (001) 352-591-4708

Spanish - Elder Gonzalez (001) 571-426-6570

Spanish - Louie Diaz (001) 512-364-0286